Golf at Western Messinia

Playing golf at Western Messinia has emerged as a premier experience for golf enthusiasts. Boasting two exceptional 18-hole golf courses, The Dunes Course and The Bay Course, Western Messinia has become synonymous with golf excellence in the Peloponnese. 

The Dunes Course, designed by former two-time Masters Champion Bernhard Langer and European Golf Design, is a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. Set against the backdrop of the Ionian Sea and the historic Bay of Navarino, this championship course offers golfers an unparalleled experience. The undulating terrain, native olive trees, and strategic bunkering create a challenging yet visually stunning layout.

Golfers navigating The Dunes Course find themselves immersed in the natural beauty of the region. The fairways wind through olive groves, offering glimpses of the sparkling sea in the distance. The course is not only a test of skill but also a journey through the rich history and culture of the Peloponnese. The strategic placement of each hole takes full advantage of the panoramic views, providing a golfing experience that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is challenging.

The Bay Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones II, complements its sister course with a distinct character and a unique set of challenges. With its seaside setting and views of the historic Bay of Navarino, The Bay Course offers a more forgiving layout while still presenting strategic opportunities for players of all skill levels. The course’s thoughtful design incorporates the natural terrain, creating a harmonious environment that showcases the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape.

What sets golf at Western Messinia apart is not only the quality of the courses but also the commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. Both The Dunes Course and The Bay Course have achieved certification from the Golf Environment Organization (GEO), reflecting a dedication to eco-friendly practices. The courses utilize state-of-the-art irrigation systems, organic fertilizers, and a commitment to preserving the native flora and fauna. This harmonious approach to golf course management not only enhances the playing experience but also ensures the long-term ecological health of the region.

For those looking to improve their golf skills or start their golf journey, Western Messinia offers a cutting-edge golf academy. The Navarino Golf Academy, staffed by PGA-qualified golf professionals, provides personalized instruction and utilizes the latest technology to enhance players’ abilities. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, golfers can benefit from tailored lessons, practice facilities, and video analysis to refine their game. Western Messinia also hosts prestigious golf events, attracting golf enthusiasts from around the world. The Messinia Pro-Am, an annual event held at the Costa Navarino golf courses, brings together professionals and amateurs for a unique tournament experience. Costa Navarino is located just a 15 minutes drive from our hotel. Find out more about Messinian experiences here.