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Messinia is famous for its beaches; all of them memorable but yet not crowded.

Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites is located at the seafront, right above the -yet undiscovered by tourists- little Barla bay & beach, a spectacular half-sandy, half-rocky beach next to a secret cave that until now only locals had the pleasure to know… Distance from Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites: a couple of steps!

Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites not only offers you the privilege of waking up a stone’s throw away from this hidden beach but also is in the middle of a “constellation” of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the region. To name just a few: Voidokoilia, Lagkouvardos, Chrysi Akti, Vromoneri, Romanos

Last but not least, if you visit us in summer, you must not miss a short trip to the deserted and charming beaches of the surrounding inhabited islands: Proti, Sfaktiria, Agia Marina.

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