3+1 reasons to visit Messinia

Messinia can only be known for its many faces. Within its borders you get to experience culture, sea, gastronomy, waterfalls, sports. Messinia can accommodate the needs of even the most demanding traveler. Trying to express its uniqueness we created this article. (more…)

A day in the life of a Golfer who stays at Callisto Seaside

Messinia, a region blessed with natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage, has seen a remarkable rise in popularity among golf enthusiasts in recent years. Renowned for its pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and picturesque landscapes, this idyllic destination has seamlessly integrated world-class golf courses into its offerings. (more…)

Exploring the Coastal Wonders of Messinia: A Guide to the Finest Beaches in the Region

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Greece, the beautiful region of Messinia boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the country. From secluded coves with crystal-clear waters to wide stretches of golden sand lined with lively beach bars and restaurants, the coastline of Messinia offers a diverse range of options for all types of travelers. (more…)