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3+1 reasons to visit Messinia

Messinia can only be known for its many faces. Within its borders you get to experience culture, sea, gastronomy, waterfalls, sports. Messinia can accommodate the needs of even the most demanding traveler. Trying to express its uniqueness we created this article.


Home to some of the most iconic waterfalls of Greece, Messinia takes pride of the beauty of its waterfalls. Neda and Polylimnio are the most well known ones, located in a short proximity from Callisto Seaside. You may have to walk a tiny bit but we assure you that the turquoise waters of the waterfall pools will reward you.

Messinia speaks culture fluently. Ancient Messini, ancient Olympia, Nestor’s Palace, those are all places of major cultural significance. Visit the monuments and let them take you back to ancient Greece, where philosophy, mathematics and astronomy began.

You could not miss out all the adventures the sea has to offer. Either on the surface or underneath the Ionian sea can guarantee that you will enjoy every minute you spent there. Whether you are a beginner or you just now decided that you wish to experiment with sea sports, there is a place for everyone. At Lagkouvardos you can surf or kite surf under the restless eye of the certified instructors, at Divari you can enjoy a full day on your Sup, the routes you can follow are endless. If you are bolt enough you can discover the mysteries, hidden underneath the surface. A variety of colorful fishes the reefs, the rock formations, there are plenty of things to discover. If you are experienced enough, fasten your gear and get ready to explore in depth… the Messinian beauty.

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